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Sales Tax Updates on California Service Tickets
10 November 2017

Sales Tax Updates on California Service Tickets

Sales Tax Updates on California Service Tickets

If you perform service calls in the state of California, you should expect to see a resale certificate from us on or near December 15th.  Please ensure we have the following information from you in order to help us to complete these certificates.

  • Company Name and Address
  • Your company Seller Permit Number
  • Type of Equipment typically Purchased
  • Distributor Used


Certificates will be sent to equipment distributors as well.


Beginning on services performed December 1st and thereafter, if you were paying any sales tax to your distributor for service equipment, you should discontinue do so and discontinue adding sales tax to your 3-part service forms on billable service calls.


MONI will handle paying the sales/use tax on equipment provided during service calls.


If you collect directly from the customer for equipment and/or labor provided, please add sales tax to what the customer pays you; it is your responsibility to pay to the state in this scenario.


Please forward the above required information to Jeffrey Bass at jbass@mymoni.com


If you have any questions, please contact Field Service at 800-615-3844



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