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MONI to Rebrand as BRINKS Home Security
26 February 2018

MONI to Rebrand as BRINKS Home Security













This is an exciting time at our company. We are thrilled to announce that soon we will rebrand the MONI and LiveWatch brands as BRINKS Home Security.

Rebranding the MONI and LiveWatch brands under the iconic BRINKS name will give us a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd. The BRINKS brand name represents outstanding customer service, a comprehensive smart home offering, quick response, strength, safety, and – most importantly – security.

These are the same principles we’ve always believed in, and combined with our industry-leading capabilities – including our professional monitoring service, simple DIY products and dealer network – this rebranding will propel our company’s growth.

BRINKS is the #2 most recognized brand name in the market with a more than 150-year history. While our name is changing, the services we offer, how we function and our commitment to our customers will remain the same. What does change is the ability for us and our dealers to market products and services to consumers under the banner of a well-known, deeply trusted brand.

Our employees, our partners and our dealers have been building toward becoming the best home security provider in the market. With this announcement, coupled with the hard work and dedication of our employees and our strategic approach to acquisitions and partnerships, we are now positioned to achieve this goal.

Stay tuned for updates on our plans to rollout our new branding in the second quarter of 2018. In the meantime, we will continue to do business as normal.

BRINKS Home Security – it’s a company you can trust and it represents opportunity, growth, recognition and a new horizon for us all.

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