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Spring Cleaning – Know Your Users
12 March 2018

Spring Cleaning – Know Your Users

It’s that time of year. We recommend that all owners review their mymoni.net user list at least once a quarter. Protecting your data and access to confidential information is important. Be sure to deactivate access for any former employees or unknown users. 

As you review your active users, please make sure that all employees with access to the website have a unique named user account. We do not permit shared user IDs or generic user IDs such as:

  • Funding Admin  
  • Admin Admin
  • Sales Rep
  • Direct Sales

Internal and external sales reps must complete the non-solicit agreement via DocuSign using their legal name. Any reps who have not already done so, or who were previously using a generic login, should have a valid login created immediately.

Obviously, persons listed on the no-buy list should not be given access to your mymoni.net account and should not be permitted to create contracts for sale to MONI.

We are currently conducting an audit of named users with access to create eContracts. For validation, we will be requesting copies of driver’s licenses for a sample set of employees. We appreciate your prompt response as we will complete the audit by 3/31/18. If your company is part of the sample set, you will receive an email with more information.

Protecting your company’s information and our customers’ information is very important to us. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact Dealer Care at 1-800-615-3844.

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Spring Cleaning Imag...


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