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19 March 2018


It’s finally here! The MONI-Nest dealer program is actively seeking security companies to sell the Nest Secure alarm system and to activate professional monitoring with MONI.

The starter pack comes with the hub, two contacts, two fobs and the Nest app. MONI is the exclusive monitoring provider for Nest, so as a MONI-Nest dealer, you have an exclusive product that can compete on brand alone.

To become a MONI-Nest dealer, you will have to sign a dealer agreement via DocuSign. Licensing (where applicable) and insurance are required. Once approved, MONI will send you a customized URL for use when enrolling customers. The process is completely paperless and your dealership is credited for every new customer created using that URL.

Here’s the best part:

There are no qualifications to become a Nest Secure customer. That’s right. There are no credit or homeownership requirements. You may sell the Nest Secure alarm system to renters, college students in dorms, apartments and anyone who wouldn’t qualify for a traditional MONI account. There is no chargeback or guarantee period. Customers may choose from two offers:

Month to Month               $29.00 / mo.

36 Months                          $19.00 / mo.

Accounts are not eligible for contract monitoring and through the online registration; customers will enter into a monitoring agreement with MONI directly. These accounts are not eligible for funding in the MONI dealer program. The MONI-Nest dealers receive a commission for each sale.

But wait! There’s more…

Act now and MONI will give you your first five Nest Secure alarm system starter packs for FREE! Once approved, we will ship 5 brand-new packs to your office at no cost to you. You’ll have 60 days to sell the kits and activate professional monitoring. Just return any unopened kits that you don’t sell. It’s that simple. (Commission not applicable on free packs, but you keep the full profits from the sale of the pack.)


So what are you waiting for? Call or email your Account Manager today to receive an email with complete program information. AM@mymoni.com or 972-243-7443 X24747.


Supplies are limited. Free packs will be fulfilled on a first come-first serve basis.


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