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Dealer Portal Upgrade
17 April 2018

Dealer Portal Upgrade

We recently rolled out updates to the Dealer Portal and there were some internal issues that did not present themselves during testing. Unfortunately, you may have experienced several issues including accessing the website, delayed responses or timing out. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Here is a list of the more common issues. 

  • www.monitronics.net no longer redirects you to www.mymoni.net
    • If you cannot access the website make sure you are using www.mymoni.net and not a bookmark for monitronics.net. 
  • Unable to acknowledge “jobs with updated comments” on the field service dashboard (mobile version) 
    • You have to click on the “status” of the job. Once the job has opened, you will see a green button stating “Show Job Update history”. Click on that and it will open to show the updated comment and the acknowledgment button.
  • Sorting jobs on the mobile version –
    • Unfortunately, there is no way to sort jobs in the new mobile version of the field service dashboard; you can, however, still sort using the desktop version on your PC. We are looking into adding a drop-down menu for sorting on the mobile version of the field service dashboard. More to come.
  • Too many info rows per customer on the mobile version of the service job queue page.
    • We’re looking at removing some of the rows that aren’t necessary on the main view. These will still be available once in the job and on the desktop version. We’re only removing from the mobile version of the service job queue to save on space. This will enable dealers to see more than one job at a time on the screen reducing the amount of scrolling needed.   
  • Some dealers are having problems with the accessibility and responsiveness of the mobile version.
    • If you’ve used your mobile device in the past to manage your field service dashboard the cookies and cache are most likely affecting your view. You need to delete your browser history including cookies and cache in order to resolve this issue.
    • To do this - go into your browser's settings, click on history (or something similar depending on phone), delete browsing history, choose cookies, cache and browsing history if you have that choice and then delete.
    • Following this process has resolved issues other dealers were experiencing with the mobile version of the updated portal.

Overall the website is working properly. If you are still experiencing issues it may be related to that particular mobile device, browser choice or browser setting. Please check these settings first, if you’re still experiencing issues after attempting the steps above, please contact your Account Executive for assistance.


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