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MONI Smart Security Conditional Permit Policy
17 April 2018

MONI Smart Security Conditional Permit Policy

It is the goal of MONI Smart Security to ensure that any account purchased is done so with all required compliance elements in-place at the time of purchase.  If an account is in a jurisdiction that requires a permit to install the system or to dispatch a responding agency, that permit should be supplied to MONI Smart Security at the time of purchase, especially in cases where it is a legal requirement of the alarm company to secure the permit.

Specifically, MONI Smart Security has purchase policies for two permit conditions: electrical permits and dispatch permits where it is the legal requirement of the alarm company to obtain the permit on behalf of the customer.  These policies exist to protect MONI Smart Security from punitive actions by government agencies as well as to protect our alarm subscribers from delayed or refusal of police response.  The policy is as follows:

Accounts in areas that require an electrical permit for installation will not be funded or accepted without such a permit.  There are areas that do have an exemption of the electrical permit if the system installed is wireless.  For accounts in these areas, the dealer must provide a wireless letter, ensuring the nature of the installation.  A list of wireless exemption areas, as well as a copy of the wireless letter, can be found in the dealer portal in the permits section.

For accounts located in areas where the jurisdiction requires that the alarm company obtain the permit, it is the dealer’s responsibility to supply the permit within 60 days of funding.  After 60 days, our permit team will begin the permitting process in-lieu of the alarm company and a $25 administration fee will be charged to the dealer.  MONI Smart Security will collect the fees associated with obtaining the permit from the alarm subscriber.  For a list of areas with this condition, reference the dealer portal permits section. 

As noted above, it is the expectation that any account submitted for purchase have the appropriate permit to operate in the area that it is located.  Any fines issued to MONI Smart Security as the result of failure to comply with permitting requirements during the 60-day police permit conditional period will be forwarded to the dealer; this includes fines associated with the submission of incorrect or invalid permit information to MONI Smart Security by the dealer.  It is our expectation that dealers are aware of and comply with all permitting requirements in areas that they are doing business.

It is our hope that the above-outlined policy helps all companies involved succeed in business together, as well as serve our collective customer.  This policy will ensure that our customers receive the appropriate permit and corresponding services from their local public agency(s).  This policy will also help some dealers manage the permitting requirements while alleviating the associated administrative burden.



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