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New Brinks Home Security™ Merchandising Plan
24 April 2018

New Brinks Home Security™ Merchandising Plan

We are happy to announce an important part of the new Brinks Home Security™ merchandising plan. After extensive market research, we have decided to eliminate 60-month customer agreements on a go-forward basis.

We know that this marks a significant change for us all. Our research shows a growing interest in smart home technology, home security, and home automation. This means a wider audience of potential customers. However, this new segment of consumers are less likely to enter into long-term contracts. Therefore, we can appeal to the widest array of buyers by launching the brand with a single option: 36-month, price locked agreement. During the initial customer term, Brinks Home Security customers will not receive any price increases. 

We are confident that the price lock aligns with our overall marketing strategy and growth objectives. At launch, our eContract, dealer portal, and WSI API will only accept the selection of a 36-month term. The legal terms of the agreement will default to 36 months and will include the price lock as well.

We will continue to fund 42- and 60-month contracts created prior to the Brinks Home Security launch. Please be sure that your staff is aware of the change and that you are prepared for the 36-month price lock agreement when we go live in just a couple of weeks.


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