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Quarterly Dealer Awards
29 May 2018

Quarterly Dealer Awards

Congratulations to our Top 25 Award Winners for first quarter. We have seen great work from each and every one of our dealers and we want to thank you for your hard work. 

Also, a special shoutout to our Dealer of the Month recipients for the first quarter. This award is new to the program and sets the tone for who will bring home Dealer of the Year!

January: Direct Protect
February: Skyline Security
March: Skyline Security
April: American Defense Systems

To qualify, you must fund a minimum of 25 accounts per month and the following metrics will be used to determine who is the winner:

40% Month Over Month Growth Percentage

30% Total Production

20% First Year Attrition Percentage

5% Average FICO Score

5% Customer Satisfaction Score


You’ll be stacked against the competition and your composite score will determine the total outcome. 

Keep up the good work! 


Top 25 Quality: 

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Top 25 Production:

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