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How to promote your company on social media
07 June 2018

How to promote your company on social media

Let’s get social! It has been a week since we officially launched the Brinks Home Security™ brand to consumers and we have loved seeing how excited our dealers are about the change. Let this document be a tool to effectively promote your company on social media platforms.


Due to our licensing agreement with BRINKS Corporate, our dealers are only allowed to present the brand in the following ways:  

  • All of our dealers have to use the Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer Logo, rather than the Brinks Home Security corporate logo.

    • The same concept applies in social media bios. It is important to remember that your company should be identified as a Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer, rather than a location of Brinks Home Security.

  • The logos cannot be manipulated (stretched or cut-off) in any way. They also need to have the approved amount of space around the logo (roughly the size of the “B” around all sides of the logo)

  • “Brinks” can never stand alone. We are only in agreement to use “Brinks Home Security” in its entirety. (Unfortunately, we can’t use ‘Brinks Home Dealer’, ‘Brinks Security Dealer’, or any variation)

  • Social handles can’t be listed as “Brinks Home Security.” They must be listed as their prospective company, a Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer.

  • Profile pictures and cover photos can feature the Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer Logo, but it should follow the guidelines that are in the style guide

    • When co-branding your content with the Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer Logo, your logo should be the same size or larger than the Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer logo. The Brinks Home Security Authorized logo should never be larger than your logo. For examples, please see page 13 of the style guide.

  • Please refrain from using “Brinks Home Security” as a location for a picture unless it was taken at the corporate office and that is clearly identifiable.

  • We have to refrain from using old ‘BRINKS’ corporate shields/logos

    • A good rule of thumb here is to always use the logos we provide on .net

    • To double check, our logo will have a “TM” on it, any “R” would be the old BRINKS corporate logo.


Thanks for your support. If you have any questions, please see the style guide located in the document center or contact your Account Specialist.



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