ASAP in Action

Security In Action

A MONI emergency dispatch operator received a counter motion burglary alarm from a Houston sandwich shop early one morning. The store manager instructed her to call the police, and she sent an alarm notification using ASAP to the Houston Emergency Center. Less than six minutes later, the Houston Police Department called MONI to inform the agent that three suspects had been arrested.

ASAP experienced a difficult real-world test in Virginia when parts of the state were hit by an earthquake and a hurricane within a week’s time. Following the 5.8-magnitude earthquake on Aug. 23, 2011, residents of Richmond inundated PSAPs (Public Safety Access Points) with 911 calls. During Hurricane Irene, which struck on Aug. 27, PSAP operators took nearly 3,500 calls in 24 hours. 

In both incidents, traditional phone lines were overwhelmed, leaving some callers waiting in frustration. But those calls handled by ASAP monitoring stations, including MONI, were delivered to Richmond’s PSAP in just 5 seconds. The program, which was developed by the Central Station Alarm Association and Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials International, seeks to reduce the number of telephone calls in emergencies, eliminate miscommunication, and reduce processing and response time.