Home Automation: Reduce Attrition through Training
24 March 2016

Home Automation: Reduce Attrition through Training

The key to long-term dealership success is training. Properly training dealers on hardware and technology educates dealers to train customers and reduce attrition. Providing basic customer training builds value in the system and an overview to understand the benefits of the system long-term.

Consumer frustration increases when training doesn’t occur during the installation process. This places the consumer at risk of paying for a home security system that does not meet their needs. Reduce attrition by training customers on how to use their home security systems.

Educating the Consumer

A home security system provides consumer protection from burglary, fire and medical emergencies. Often consumers upgrade or add-on additional features to best suit their needs, including home automation, motion sensors and home controls via smartphone. Training customers on basic home security settings and additional upgrades can serve as the defining factor between a happy consumer and a consumer considering new provider.

Thermostat control is one of the benefits of home automation geared towards consumers interested in lowering their total home energy consumption. With thermostat control, Americans can prevent wasting a tremendous amount of money every year by setting a static thermostat temperature and forgetting about it. However if the consumer isn’t trained on the setting process, the thermostat control will not benefit the consumer in the long-run.

Home automation helps tremendously by making the process of programming a thermostat easy if customers know how to use the thermostat control feature. The outcome of dedicating a few minutes of the technicians time to training the consumer on their new in-home control centers and online options for controlling thermostats are cost-savings and a happy consumer. Learning how to create profiles and make instant programming changes improve the user experience to align with the consumer’s lifestyle.

Explore Additional Home Automation Features

Home automation goes beyond simple security with so many home control options to choose from. From door locks and thermostats to window shades and lights, the average household could be automated from a smartphone device.

Customers experience real, tangible benefits from exploring home automation. Training a consumer on programming thermostats will increase the potential of adding additional home automation features, including automated door locks and lighting. Customers will favorably consider new features for greater home security protection if successful using their current features. On the other hand, a consumer who does not receive initial home automation training and experiences difficulty with thermostat programming is likely to consider home automation as a terrible investment, which increases the likelihood for attrition.

At Monitronics, we are the leading security and home automation dealer program, always on the edge of new technology. As a result, we provide hardware and software training to our dealers to ensure their customers receive the necessary training to maintain a beneficial home security monitoring experience. We encourage Monitronics Authorized Dealers to focus on developing the home automation portion of their businesses by providing training specific to the customer’s needs. A strong emphasis on training our dealers in programs, such as MoniX and MoniU, reduces attrition and improves sales simultaneously. Contact us to learn about Monitronics training programs or how to become an authorized dealer!


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