Understand Your Target Audience to Succeed in the Home Security Industry
05 May 2016

Understand Your Target Audience to Succeed in the Home Security Industry

In the highly competitive home security market, understanding your demographic is crucial to the success of your business. Knowing who purchases your products and services is one of the fundamental basics of business, yet it is something that far too many home security companies fail to monitor. Even tenured businesses in the home security industry can lose sight of their target audience if they don't make a concerted effort to remain engaged.

Reviewing your target audience is a crucial component of developing a business plan. It is even more important to you as home security dealers running sales and marketing operations door-to-door. As a home security business owner, you need to know your demographics before your sales professionals hit the streets.

Four Steps to Defining your Target Audience

Once you have determined who your base audience is, here are four steps to fine-tune your profile to make sure you are targeting the right audience in your local area:

  1. Compare your target audience to local demographics to determine how strong the customer base is. A smaller customer base suggests greater competition or an audience without home security.
  2. Analyze available products and services to determine if you're providing the services your customers want.
  3. Update your business plan over time to understand your customers’ preferences.
  4. Evolve your marketing plan based on successful tactics and strategies, and review failed marketing efforts to improve your overall marketing message.

Note that defining your target audience is not a one-time endeavor. As your customer base evolves, your understanding of their expectations must also evolve. This is an ongoing process that will continue as your company grows and finds success.

Establishing Customer Personas

SEO developers and web marketers have developed what are known as 'customer personas' to help them identify their target audience in the online world. The same practice is valuable to you as a home security service provider. Developing several customer personas helps you visualize the sale from the view of the customers before your sales associates knock on their doors.

For example, consider the single mother looking for a complete home security package that allows her to keep an eye on her property and children while she is at work. Putting yourself in her shoes gives you, as a security dealer, the opportunity to ask what she might be looking for in a security provider. What is her perspective? What do you suppose would be most important to her? Understanding how she might think enables you to better respond when your actually speaking to customers.

Creating customer personas allows you to improve company marketing efforts online. SEO experts have already proved the value of customer personas for creating relevant web content that drives traffic and improves conversion rates.

It is essential for you to know your target audience if you want to succeed in business. The more you know about the people purchasing home security services, the more responsive you will be to their needs. Responsiveness will generate satisfaction, which creates long-term customers.

Monitronics Authorized Dealers have the flexibility to build their own brand and create custom home security packages specific to their customer needs. As a large number of Monitronics Authorized Dealers conduct sales through door-to-door efforts, Monitronics provides essential on-going training through monthly MoniU workshops. The workshops update authorized dealers on door-to-door sales strategies, business tips and marketing assistance. To become a Monitronics Authorized Dealer, contact us today!


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