Monitronics Honors Brave Veteran on Armed Forces Day
19 May 2016

Monitronics Honors Brave Veteran on Armed Forces Day

Monitronics appreciates the courage and sacrifice of our military men and women who serve our country every day. This Saturday is Armed Forces Day, and we'd like to highlight the service of one of our dealers, Curtis Kindred from American Defense Systems. Curtis served our country as an Army Ranger, completing tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq. In the interview below, Curtis explains how the military prepared him to overcome obstacles and successfully lead his company. We thank Curtis and all of our armed forces for their brave service to our country.

1. How did the military prepare you for the alarm industry?

I feel the military prepared me to mentally be able to face challenges in life.  Although most people think the military is mostly physically challenging, I found as long as you were mentally tough, you could physically do anything.  

2. What’s the toughest obstacle you’ve faced while in the military?

I think the toughest challenge in the military was keeping your head straight in tough situations and not focusing on one single issue. If this happens, other issues could side swipe you to make you fail at your mission and potential loss of life. 

As the president of ADS, our toughest obstacles are dealing with people that don't have the mental strength or discipline that was instilled in me as a Ranger in the Army.  You can't make people do push ups when they mess up or are completely insubordinate and make mistakes. 

3.  What’s the greatest lesson you learned while serving in the military?

During training exercises, we would do very dangerous things, but having the mentality that they can't purposely kill you was the way I looked at a lot of things that helped me get through some of most physically and mentally demanding exercises. Also to always have attention to details and situational awareness. This will help save your life and others.

4. Anything else you would like to share about your time in the military?

There's nothing in the world like the camaraderie of your fellow brothers and sisters in arms. It's a relationship that only the ones that have lived and died by it can understand. A lot of people think that we go overseas to only fight for our country, but the truth is, we fight for our brothers and sisters next to us first.


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