Meet the Dealer: JSB Security Solutions
23 June 2016

Meet the Dealer: JSB Security Solutions

In early 2007 at the age of 23, Jacob Yates was working as an enrollment counselor at the University of Phoenix. For his own peace of mind, he decided to have a new security system installed into his home. After a process that was riddled with issues and lacking the ingenuity and efficiency he knew the business needed, he realized there was an opportunity for him to do it better.

Just months later, Yates took a leap of faith to start JSB Security Solutions in an industry he had no experience in. He modeled his company after many others in the security industry. It quickly grew to a sales force of more than 30, with over 50 employees in total. He was doing exceptional volume, but he feared he was making the same mistakes and leaving the same service holes as the company that inspired him to work toward greatness. After years of trying to train his team and staying out of the field, Yates came to the conclusion that he couldn’t teach his passion. It would be up to him to do it right.

“Passion about your product is the single best tool a salesman can have,” said Yates. “If you don’t have it, it’s hard to fake it. True results don’t come from a script.”

In 2013, Yates decided it was time to scale back and reorganize his business model. His original intent was lost in a rapidly growing company. He wanted to focus on the customer, treating each one individually and getting to know their needs, rather than achieving high volume and growing his team. Now, Yates’ sales team consists only of himself, one of his close friends, and one part time sales rep. His sister-in-law takes care of the administrative and business needs of the company and a handful of part-time and full-time techs help to perform service calls and installations. Yates trusts his team completely and never has to second guess their work product, thanks to their close relationships and long history.Yates says that the small team allows for consistency across all of their markets and a dedication to their work that is well above the industry standard.

“If a customer has an issue, we resolve it – no matter what,” explained Yates. “We keep it from becoming a problem later because that’s where companies really run into issues. Word of mouth is powerful in this industry and we want all of our customers to be happy doing business with us.”

JSB Security Solutions currently has above a 4-star rating online, a rating that is often hard to achieve in a service industry. Yates goes above and beyond to please his customers, focusing on relationships and a hyper-local presence. 

“While our competitors spend up to $12 million annually, they may only have 1.5 stars online. We don’t spend a dime on traditional advertising runs. By focusing on our customers and making them our advocates, we bring in up to 25 deals a month from online review sites alone,” said Yates.

Yates, a self-professed security fanatic, spends his time door-knocking and generating business in the field. He would rather be selling than doing any other part of the business, which largely drives his success and keeps his company focused on quality sales.

When talking with customers, Yates is proud and transparent in sharing his relationship with Monitronics, and always explains the partnership to his customers. His sales approach is reflected in JSB Security Solutions’ longevity and reputation among the local communities they serve. Based out of Charlotte, the company has grown to service cities in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Arizona.

After almost 10 years in business, Yates feels like he has hit his sweet spot. He found the formula for success, and it involves a small, hands-on team that has intrinsic trust and a shared passion. He continues to focus on organic, local markets and an honest, self-branded image to drive him forward, knowing there is a positive future ahead.


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