Fund in half the time.

eContract Technology

MONI Authorized Dealers embrace a paperless, high-tech sales approach with eContract.

Our mobile application eliminates cumbersome hard-copy customer contracts. Quickly display and demonstrate various home security and home automation products on your iPad or Android tablet, then transition seamlessly to eContract to complete the sale. Once your customer confirms the contract details, simply hit “submit” to complete the sale. A PDF copy is emailed instantly to you and the customer. This simplifies the entire contract process and saves a lot of time and money. EContracts are funded in half the time as our paper contracts.

Monitronics eContract on Tablet
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We integrate with DocuSign, a technology leader for electronic signatures:

  • An added layer of security to your transaction
  • A single entry-point for all of your data with easy navigation and usability
  • Drastically eliminate errors; an incomplete or incorrect contract can't be submitted

CASE STUDY: A successful MONI Authorized Dealer, American Defense Systems, uses eContract as an easy, cost-effective way to streamline the sales process.

The business world is turning away from paper as businessmen swap briefcases for iPads and consumers ditch hard-copy bills for internet or phone payment options. MONI has a firm grasp of the technology trend, increasing efficiency with its eContract application, which lets authorized dealers submit contracts to customers via iPad or Android tablet.

Curtis Kindred, owner and president of Dallas-based American Defense Systems (ADS), immediately noticed savings in time and money with eContract.

“It’s been working great,” Kindred said. “Our sales reps find it a lot easier. They don’t have to carry around as much paper. We don’t lose as many contracts. It helps us save money on not having to purchase as many contracts.

eContract has been particularly beneficial to ADS when dealing with customers in remote markets. "It helps out quite a bit with getting contracts back faster, getting funding back faster, and not having to spend as much on FedEx charges getting contracts back and forth," Kindred said. "It also looks a lot more professional in front of the customer.”

eContract is the perfect way for dealers to show various home security products on an iPad or Android tablet. Kindred said he expects ADS to eventually reach 100 percent usage with the app, which would be especially useful in out-of-state markets.

“Getting the contract as soon as the sale is done is much better than having to wait a day or two, waiting for the rep to turn around and get it ready for funding,” Kindred said. “(The customers) like it. Who really keeps papers anymore? From a consumer standpoint, it’s much easier to find paperwork and things within an e-mail rather than have to go file it, organize it and then go dig for it whenever it’s time to go through it.”

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