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MONI provides Installation Quality (IQ) certified security monitoring, which holds our Alarm Response Center to a high standard of quality and performance.

That’s important not just to our customers, but to any security integrator seeking IQ Certification, since one of the requirements involves being affiliated with an IQ-Certified central station. That’s why MONI encourages its authorized dealers – as well as dealers who want to become part of the MONI Authorized Dealer Program – to become IQ Certified.


IQ Certification makes sense for integrators.

The IQ (Installation Quality) program started as a way to reduce false dispatches through quality system installations, user training and other best practices that include a number of quality-control checklists. Training is particularly important, since a huge majority of false dispatches are the result of user error, but IQ Certification is about more than just false alarms; it’s about making money. Related: See How IQ Certification Adds Value and Reduces Attrition.

Five Ways that IQ Certification Can Help Your Bottom Line

With rigorous standards and detailed checklists, IQ Certification sets a solid foundation for employees to consistently follow best practices. This increases the likelihood that employees are performing at a high level.
After the installation is complete, salespeople and technicians spend less time dealing with existing issues and more time finding and servicing new customers.
When employees are professional, the installation is well-done, and training is thorough, it results in a loyal and satisfied customer. Satisfied customers are more likely to produce quality referrals.
When a salesperson from an IQ-Certified company is in the home, it’s advantageous to explain the importance of IQ Certification and how it benefits the customer. That’s a positive way to set yourself apart from the competition.
Since IQ-Certified integrators are required to use an IQ-Certified security monitoring station, it makes sense to be part of the MONI Authorized Dealer Program. Talk to a MONI representative today to learn more about how you can become an authorized dealer and how our security monitoring certification can benefit your business. 

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